Sticks vs Jars

Handy for outdoor emergencies
Easily reaches small areas such as chapped lips, small facial blemishes, skin folds, and fingertips.

More spreadable.
Great for larger areas such as the face, legs, and pregnant belly.

Bebebalm Origin

Bebebalm is made with Organic Virgin Coconut Oil , boosted with more Lauric Acid. This wonder nutrient is what gives coconuts & breastmilk their natural antimicrobial, anti-fungal, anti-viral properties.

Bebebug Origin

Bebebug has got a unique blend of Organic Virgin Coconut Oil , Lavender & Neem, pure essential oils & plant extracts. Boosted with more Lauric Acid. This wonder nutrient is what gives coconuts & breastmilk their natural antimicrobial, anti-fungal, anti-viral properties. 

Scar Rescue Origin

Scar Rescue is made with Organic Virgin Coconut Oil , Helichrysum, Frankincense and Sandalwood. Lovely premium oils that promote skin cell regeneration. 

Bebebalm FAQ

Who can use this?

Everyone. Newborns from Day 1. Kids. Pregnant and Breastfeeding moms. Adults, Elderly. We can all use Bebebalm.

Does it help repair dry, damaged skin?

Yes, Bebebalm is the special forces in rescuing extremely dry or damaged skin. Its natural skin lipids restores the gaps on the skin's protective barrier. It gives long lasting protection against the elements. It also goes deeply to nourish skin with much-needed skin nutrients and antioxidants. Helping skin heal itself better. 

Does it calm itchiness?

Yes, itch is a goner if it is caused by dryness, minor rash, or damage (such as overstretched pregnant belly, diaper rash, windburn).

Is it an insect repellent?

Nope. Bebebalm does not repel insects.

What's the texture?

Bebebalm is fabulously rich, non-greasy, super duper moisturizing, fast-absorbing.

What are active ingredients?

Bebebalm is made with USDA-Certified Organic Virgin Coconut Oil. Enriched with more Lauric Acid, a wonder ingredient that gives breastmilk healing properties.

Does it clog pores?

Nope. It's non-comedogenic.

How fast does it absorb?

Fast. Apply a thin layer and spread until it's fully absorbed. You only need a little, since Bebebalm is not watered down. 

Does it give long lasting protection?

Yes. It locks in moisture and throws away the key. It also forms a long lasting, rich natural barrier to protect against the elements. 

Does it contain Paraben, Phtalates, DEET, SLS, BHT? 

Of course not. We made this for our newborn. 

Is there added fragrance?

No fragrance added. The mild scent is from the natural smell of the oils. 

Does it contain preservatives?

Nope. Unlike creams or lotions, Bebebalm does not contain water. So it lasts longer without preservatives.

How long does it last?

When opened, best when used within 6 months. To extend shelf life, use a clean scooper to transfer some to a smaller container. Then refrigerate the rest. 

Does it need refrigeration?

No need. It's very stable. In case it gets left in the car and melts, just put in a fridge or in an airconditioned room to solidify. 

How often do you apply?

Slather as often and as much as you want, Bebebalm is a moisturizer. Generally, applying 2-3x a day will suffice. Best within 3 minutes after bathing for maximum moisture lock up. Reapply as soon as it feels dry, throughout the day.

Does it contain medicine or steroids?

Heavens no! You can use it on your skin as often as you wish. It does not contain medicine, it won't replace medical treatment either.

Is it suitable for cold or warm climates?

Your best friend in cold climates or winter. For dry face, diaper rash, eczema, dry skin and pregnant bellies, it's your friend all year round. 

Bebebug FAQ

Who can use this?

Babies 3 months old onwards can use Bebebugs. Kids. Pregnant and Breastfeeding moms. Adults. Elderly.